Membership is, of course, free. Earn your way to a platinum status through project engagement and new member referrals. Every dollar you raise, you earn 5 points. Every active member you recruit earns you 50 points. Each new level brings greater leadership opportunity in projects and various clubs. 

If you decide to become a member, In the comment section, please write your grade level, school, city, state, and country.

  • Bronze Membership

    ​You need 1500 points to get a bronze membership. Then you slowly level up until a 6 star bronze. you get a star every 250 points.

  • Silver Membership

    ​You need 3000 points to reach a silver status , after silver you need to get 6 silver stars each worth 500 points to become Gold.

  • Gold Membership

    ​You need 6000 points to get a gold status. You need twelve stars before you become a platinum status. You get a star every 500 points

  • Platinum Membership

    ​You get a platinum status once you reach 12000 points you keep getting stars showing your level.